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A Unique Compounding Ingredient for Easier Processing, Higher Hardness Radial Tire Beadfiller Compounds

Date Published September 22, 2004
Category Technical Papers

There are many different approaches to increasing the hardness of a beadfiller compound, including the use of increased carbon black, high styrene SBR resins and phenolic reinforcing resins. If one wants to improve the processability of a beadfiller compound, liquid rubbers, processing aids, oils or even reduced levels of carbon black can be employed. With the introduction of Ulti-Pro® 100 reactive processing aid, it is now possible to use a single ingredient that will both increase the compound’s hardness while improving its’ processability. This paper compares Ulti-Pro 100 reactive processing aid to the above mentioned materials for their effect on both cured and uncured rubber properties, including rubber processability.