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Focus on Auto Service and Auto Service Franchise Programs

Date Published August 29, 2017
Category Lists and Rankings, Special Reports, Statistics

Now available in a PDF format, Tire Business has published their "Focus on Auto Service and Auto Service Franchise Programs".  This asset is a Directory of Auto Service Programs.  The directory format is:

  • company name
  • program name
  • address
  • website
  • top executive
  • dealer contact
  • program details
  • fees
  • minimum initial investment
  • program features

The chart format is:

  • program/administrator
  • type of program
  • sign-up fees
  • monthly/annual/quarterly fees
  • protected territory
  • credit card
  • insurance
  • adv./promotions support
  • store signage
  • warranties
  • training programs
  • min. initial investment
  • program scope
  • number of dealers/outlets
  • percentage that sell tires