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    • Conti opens 2 BestDrive centers in Texas

      FORT MILL, S.C. — Continental Tire the Americas' BestDrive L.L.C. commercial tires subsidiary has opened two locations in Texas and disclosed plans to open shops in seven more states before year-end 2019, as well as more in Texas.

    • Continental buys Czech tire machine tool maker

      OTROKOVICE, Czech Republic — Continental A.G. has acquired its long-term supplier of components for tire-assembly machines, VÚK spol. s.r.o, based in Otrokovice, in a move designed to strengthen Conti's expertise in tire manufacturing...

    • UHP winter tires aim to provide premium handling

      AKRON—In the midst of the hot summer, it may be hard to realize that in a few months (in the northern regions) customers will be pulling into the dealership with their high-performance vehicles and deciding whether to purchase ultra-high-...

    • Conti recalling 5,356 Coach HA3 commercial vehicle tires

      WASHINGTON — Continental Tire the Americas L.L.C. is recalling 5,356 Conti Coach HA3 commercial vehicle tires, size 315/80R22.5, because of a manufacturing anomaly that could lead to a loss of internal pressure through the sidewall.

    • Kicking the tires of the future (part 3)

      To gain insight into how the tire industry perceives the tire of tomorrow, Tire Business surveyed a handful of major tire makers, asking about a number of game-changing aspects of tire design.

    • Intelligent tires: Coming to a bay near you

      HILTON HEAD, S.C.—Technological innovations at major tire companies, especially those dealing with "big data" and tire-vehicle connectivity, are quickly making autonomous vehicles a reality, according to executives with Continental Tire the ...

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