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Columns by Dan Marinucci

    • Some hot advice: That which runs well usually is

      Common sense prevents a prudent person from grabbing a red-hot poker with bare hands. Likewise, common automotive sense prevents proud professionals from hurling new parts at a vehicle that already runs well.

    • Careful cost estimates earn repeat business

      A thoughtful, professional repair estimate helps earn customers' trust and loyalty. This price quote should include a tactful reminder that some vehicles end up needing more work than anyone expected.

    • Don't underestimate body language

      Accurately interpreting a prospect's body language may be the key to closing a difficult sale. Watch for meaningful nonverbal clues that the motorist is seeking additional information or reassurance about the pending transaction.

    • Grooming good workers takes time, commitment

      Savvy management teams commit themselves to the long-term grooming of younger technicians. They recognize that growing their own talent sounds great, but it also requires patience and persistence.

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