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Auto Industry

    • LT tire market shows steady growth

      AKRON — With the increase of light truck sales, tire dealers across the country see LT tire sales representing a significant part of their businesses.

    • LT tire trends tracking vehicle industry changes

      WASHINGTON The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association is projecting light truck tire shipments should grow this year in both the replacement (up 1.5 percent to 31.8 million units) and original equipment (up 1.4 percent to 5.5 million units)...

    • Sealant should silence noise in Chrysler trucks, SUVs

      Owners of 2007 Dodge Ram truck, Durango, Nitro and Dakota, as well as Jeep Liberty, Grand Cherokee and Commander models (all with 3.7-liter engines) may complain of a high-pitched whistle-type noise when driving. According to Chrysler, the...

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